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Updated on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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By Joe Rubin  @fundingpost

One thing that "kills the deal" most often is the follow-up. Entrepreneurs fail on the follow-up.

If you happen to meet an investor at a conference, you may not get that attention. Consider that this investor sees hundreds of companies to make one investment.

Often hear this story:
"I e-mailed him but he never got back to me. So, oh, well, I guess he doesn't like me."

That's it?
You are asking for millions of dollars and you sent one e-mail?  If that's the best you've got when it comes to persistence, the investor is better off not investing in you.

I've got a friend, Chris, who says it best,
"I send an e-mail every two weeks until I get a YES, a NO or a cease-and-desist letter from their lawyer."

Put together a list of people you are communicating with and Follow Up! Send regular e-mails to them. And, please, not those "why-don't-you-respond-to-me" e-mails.
  1. something about a new deal you just inked,
  2. a new client you just got,
  3. new milestone you just hit.

About author:

Joe Rubin runs, which organizes venture and angel events around the country.

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