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The process to get funded, investor prospective

A.Reviewing an executive summary. B.Summary will be evaluated. C.Show presentation. D.Initial due diligence. E.Propose a non-binding term sheet. F.Final due diligence.

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A. Reviewing an executive summary that describes a business, includes:
  • a description of your product or service,
  • the market (target customer, the size of the opportunity, etc.),
  • the team and their relevant experience,
  • list of major competitors and your competitive differentiators,
  • your current status and results (e.g. operational and financial metrics on a monthly basis, if any, helps to see your dynamics), and
  • High-level financial projections.
Twitt sized: squeeze: @almacapital looking: product, market, experience, competitors, dynamics via @paperfreenow 

B. The summary will be evaluated.
understand the idea behind your company and whether it’s a good fit for the fund.

C. Show presentations with founders and key employees.

D. Initial due diligence and review of your business plan, negotiate the price and terms of investment and obtain conditional approval.

E. Propose a non-binding term sheet. Once the term sheet is mutually accepted, definitive agreements will be drafted.

F. Final due diligence, obtain final approval from our partnership, execute the definitive agreements, and transfer funds.


 Almazcapital, investment company


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