What Keeps C-suite Managers Up at Night

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Updated on Thursday, May 17, 2018

IBM conducted a survey and discover what keeps C suite up at night

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IBM insights:
IBM conducted a survey of 5,200 C suite managers to describe their biggest fear.  
54% are most scared of getting disrupted by modern digital aggressors from outside their industry (case: Uber disrupted a taxi industry). The disrupters are reshaping whole industries rather than just pushing out old players.

100% of c suite agreed that technological changes will have the biggest impact on their business, more than other issues (globalization, regulatory, or shortage of skilled people).

At the same time to counter new technology challenges, c suite is still relying on old approaches.

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"I can’t begin to tell you how much disruption that comes from an unlikely competitor outside of our industry before we can see the competition coming,"

Linda Ban, IBM's global C-suite study director.

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