Mexican Dental Tourism Prices

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Updated on Friday, May 05, 2017

Comparing the most common dental procedures in the United States against services in Mexican dental clinics can prove rather eye-opening.

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Have you looked the cost of medical and dental services recently in the United States? Services often deemed "minor" do not come with minor price tags. Due to varying factors, medical and dental services are now almost exclusively for the wealthy, pricing all sorts of lower and middle class citizens out of receiving desirable assistance. While breaking down medical costs can include hundreds of different procedures, it is easier to outline the difference in cost for dental procedures in the United States against other locations around the world, including Mexico. 

Dental Tourism

The phrases "medical tourism" and "dental tourism" have become more and more popular recently due to the growing cost of procedures and surgeries in the United States. Essentially, it references traveling to another country not necessarily for vacation purposes, but for medical services. Traveling to this alternative location in addition to paying for the dental procedures cost far less, so instead of traveling for a beach or tropical drinks, you travel for cheap root canals and crowns. Of course, in Mexico it is still possible to have a tropical setting, which makes recovering (when necessary) from Mexican dental procedures that much more spectacular. 

Comparing Costs

Comparing the most common dental procedures in the United States against services in Mexican dental clinics can prove rather eye-opening. Now, if you are interested in braces this is something you'll need to discuss with the Mexican orthodontist and you'll likely want to live near a border town, as continual check-ups is required. However, for one-time procedures, it is easy to look at the price points. 

In the United States, you can expect to pay around $10,000 for five ceramic crowns. However, in Mexican dental clinics (and even locations in Asia, if you are looking for a further out destination), you can expect to pay around $2,250. Root canal treatments are other common procedures. Depending on where you go in the U.S. and the tooth in question, you may pay $1,000 to $3,000 for the treatment. In Mexican dental clinics, this treatment is $150. Dental implants and crowns are popular cosmetic surgeries, yet can cost $6,000 for the single implant and crown. In Mexican dental clinics, it is $2,000. If you don't need implants you may consider veneers. You'll pay around $900 to $1,500 per veneer in the U.S., yet you'll pay $300 per veneer ($1,800 for six) in Mexican dental clinics. 

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