Editing Organization Profile

To edit your organization profile, follow the steps given below.

1.  Navigate to the Show Organization Page option in the topmost right corner. 

The Organization Profile page will be displayed.

2.  In the General section, enter/edit the name of organization in the Organization Name text entry box.

3.  Enter/Edit the description for the organization in the Description text entry box.

4.  Enter/Edit the additional information if any, in the Additional Information text entry box.

5.  Select the logo URL, by clicking the Select File button on the Logo URL field.

The File Upload dialog will be displayed.

6.  Select the file that you wish to upload and click the Open button.

The selected logo file will be added to the Logo URL field.

7.  Enter/Edit the phone number in the Phone text entry box.

Scroll down to the next option.

8.  Enter/Edit the business hours in the Business Hours text entry box.

9.  Enter/Edit the ICQ number in the ICQ text entry box.

10.  Enter/Edit the Skype address in the Skype text entry box.

11.  Navigate to the Linked Items tab.

The Linked Items section of the page will be displayed.

12.  Click the Add New button.

The Link Item dialog will be displayed.

13.  Select the type of the object from the Object Type drop down list. The available options are Sales, Vehicle, Client, Call, Task, Invoice, Payment, Material and File.

14.  Select the name of the object by clicking the Browse () button.

The page will be displayed based on the selected criteria.

15.  Select the object that you wish to link and click the Select button.

The selected object will be added to the field.

16.  Click the Save button.

The selected object will be linked.

17.  Click the Save button.

The organization profile will be edited.


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