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Remote Job interview on Tuesday, 4 pm (New York)

Last update: Monday, May 1, 2017
Employer:, LLC. Editor Choice: Top Employer



Hi! We are looking for you! The interview will take only 40 minutes!

Why to Attend

You will have the knowledge how to grow your carrier and get paid by delivering the growth in client's businesses.

Date and Time:
  First Tuesday at 4:00 PM New York time.
Region and Place: American and Europe.
Direction: web based event.
Keywords:, job.
Good For:  Sales Managers.
Skill Level: Beginner.

Presented by: hr director at, LLC
Sponsored by:, LLC


The Interview Materials

Just Scroll Down and Prepare Yourself for an Interview


 Sales Funnels

Main steps

Step #1
Funnel - Needs discovery.

The goal of this step is to understand the big picture: what the client's business' sectors need in term of improvement.

Step #2
Funnel - Presentation of the Solutions.

Now, what we need to achieve is to make the members of the businesses understand our variety of solutions to solve their 

Step #3
Funnel - Deliver the solution.

Finally, we try to accomplish building on to a worker-of-a-business' ideas using our solutions.




Products Portfolio

All products support our three, core values: fast flexibility, manageable transparency, seamless system. Business Performance Score

It is a door opening product. It costs barely anything, yet it will deliver high quality things. This product will construct trust between you and prospect, and create an understanding. Now prospect is ready to join Success Customers Jorney. Tools For Work Tools will convert your prospect into customore, and will deliver stable renewals % for you. Market

Now the actual revenues fall into place. Just help you customers to utilize Tools and move their products to the global market. 





Sales Compensation

All products support your: client's growth, growth, and income. Presentaction

Yes!  We do pay for each presentation.

You Level #1 - 0.9$/each
You Level #2 - 1.0$/each
You Level #3 - 10.0$/each Sales Commission

Year 1 Commision:
You Level #1 - 60%
You Level #2 - 65%
You Level #3 - 70% Sales Renewals

For 2,3 year commission is:
You Level #1 - 20%
You Level #2 - 30%
You Level #3 - 40%



Attend Job Interview

How to attend

1. Fill out form below.
2. Get confirmation email within 15 minutes with an interview details.
3. Get email reminder 60 minutes before interview  starts.


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