Remote Job Interview on Monday, 3:00 PM - closed

Last update: Monday, May 16, 2022



We were looking for you!
The interview will take only 40 minutes!

Why attend
You will have the knowledge of how to grow your career and get paid by delivering the growth in the client's businesses.

Type, Date, and Time:  Remote Job Interview on Monday, 3:00 PM - closed New York time.  
Direction: web-based event.
Presented by: hr director at, LLC.


The Interview Materials

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 1. Sales Funnels

Main steps

Step #1
Funnel - Needs discovery.

The goal of this step is to understand the big picture: what the client's business' sectors need in term of improvement.

Step #2
Funnel - Presentation of the Solutions.

What we need to achieve is to make the members of the businesses understand our variety of solutions to solve their problems. 

Step #3
Funnel - Deliver the solution.

We will build a business management system.



Products Portfolio

All products support our three, core values: fast flexibility, manageable transparency, and seamless system. Business Efficiency Score

It is a door opening product. It costs barely anything, yet it will deliver high-quality things. This product will construct trust between you and prospect, and create an understanding. Now the prospect is ready to join Success Customers Journey. Tools For Work Tools will convert your prospect into a customer, and will deliver stable renewals for you. 





Sales Compensation

All products support your: client's growth, growth, and income. Presentation

Yes! We do pay for each presentation.

Level #1 - 0.9$/presentation
Level #2 - 1.0$/presentation
Level #3 - 10.0$/presentation Sales Commission

Year #1 commision:
Level #1 - 60%
Level #2 - 65%
Level #3 - 70% Sales Renewals

Year #2 and #3 renewals:
Level #1 - 20%
Level #2 - 30%
Level #3 - 40%