Business Intelligence Application to grow revenue and cut operational cost in your business

Now your business may be powered by Business Intelligence Application that has been optimized to help revenue growth and cut operational costs in your business.

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To grow revenue and cut operational costs in your business, you need more than just a Business Intelligence Application  — you need PaperFree BI . PaperFree Business Intelligence Application integrates into all other PaperFree Applications for Work.


PaperFree Business Intelligence captures and compiles statistical data for business intelligence.
All the information you need to manage your business is available as part of PaperFree CRM and ECM. PaperFree Analytics provides a customizable dashboard of the data you need to make informed decisions. Customer data, calls, response times, inventory, sales process data, and more –all at your fingertips. Identify the areas in your business driving revenues and monitor staff productivity and sales. PaperFree gives you the analytics you need to manage growth inside and out.


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