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edited Thursday, February 1, 2024

Many people are under the assumption the more spent the greater the value. I know I had been one of them. The fact of the matter is there are deals to be had and quality services to receive, even at a discounted price. Often times the market dictates price, so with different world markets the price of goods and services fluctuates from one country to the next. This makes it possible for residents in the United States to receive quality services in Mexico. Yes, clothing, furniture and food is less expensive in Mexico, but crossing the border to pick up groceries isn't an option for most. However, when it comes to far more expensive services, such as dental work, I discovered money doesn't necessarily mean the best service.

A Mercedes Mouth on a Hyundai Budget

In Mexico, it is possible to have a Mercedes mouth on a Hyundai budget. Dental costs are high in the United States for a variety of reasons. From the cost of living and having malpractice insurance to prices pharmaceutical companies charge for medications, it adds up to quickly cost substantially more than what is available in Mexico. I traveled to Mexico in hope of finding quality Mexican dental services. Not only did I find the Mexican dental vacation service on the same level as the United States, but I ended up paying a quarter of what I would have paid in the U.S. ($3,000 instead of $12,000).

Make a Vacation Out of It

Finding the right location for dental services in Mexico is important. While it is possible to connect with dentists who are on par with dentists in the United States, discovering where these individuals are located is a must. Licensed dentists who received their education either in the United States or in top dental schools in Mexico often do not put up shop in rural areas of Mexico. There just isn't the business for them. Instead, they open their dental practices in border towns or heavy tourist areas. Tijuana and Cancun are both popular tourist destinations, while cities like Nogales (south of Tucson) and Juarez (south of El Paso) are popular border destinations. Here, visitors can receive a Mercedes mouth on a Hyundai budget. I ended up traveling to Tijuana for my dental work. Turned it into a vacation!

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