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Rent a Car in JFK NY
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Buyers guide for renting car in the JFK Car Rental Lines

There's nothing more frustrating that coming into a major international airport like John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York after a long flight only to spend hours standing in line again just to fill out paperwork, applications, insurance forms and more for a rental car. The process is simply torture, especially when a person is feeling the full effect of a long, trans-Atlantic flight and jet lag. So if there was a rental car service that streamlines this whole approach and makes it easy to just arrive, pick up the keys and drive off, that would probably be about as valuable as gold for heavy travelers.

Unfortunately, most car rental services don't cater themselves to providing a smooth transition out of an airport, especially an international one. Unless a customer is already signed up for a premium membership plan with a given car rental company or pays an extra fee for premium service, he is generally relegated to the generic waiting line until a counter spot comes free. Then comes all the paperwork.

Paperfree offers a viable alternative, particularly advantageous for business travelers who value their time. By scheduling a car rental JFK reservation through Paperfree, one is able to skip the long lines, the added loss of time, and the paperwork. After managing a car rental JFK reservation through this process, most customers are pretty much convinced never to go back to the old method of car rental services again, at least when flying into New York. So if time matters as well as not having to fill out document after document, take a test drive with Paperfree on your next trip to JFK International. You won't be disappointed.


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