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Buyers guide for renting car in New Rochelle, NY

Tens of Millions of people make New York City their vacation destination each year and for good reason. The Big Apple is one of the most fantastic cities in America and there's always something entertaining to do. Unfortunately, all the hustle and bustle can leave many tourists feeling exhausted which is why it's wise to stay in the town of nearby, New Rochelle. 

New Rochelle is a mere 20 miles from NYC which makes it the ideal location if you're planning a vacation to America's most populated city. This short drive is convenient, making the option to rent a car very practical. Some people choose to rely on the public transit system when they visit New York, but the subways and buses can be extremely crowded, and it takes quite a while to move from borough to borough via public transit. Just the time you could save by makes the option of car rental New Rochelle a viable decision. 

The town of New Rochelle is a great change of pace to the mile-a-minute, frantic pace of the city, yet it offers you close proximity to everything. Staying in this small town and renting reliable transportation is a great option for you if you'd like to visit New York City without the incessant barrage of excitement of the city that never sleeps. Also, having a vehicle gives you more freedom than relying on public transit. If you're planning a vacation to to NYC, keep the town of New Rochelle in mind and it may be the best vacation you've ever had.   


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