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Updated on Friday, May 05, 2017

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Those in the professional cleaning industry know nothing is a sure thing. Clients can terminate services at a moment's notice, and it can seem like it never rains but it pours when it comes to accommodating a stream of new clients' needs.
PaperFree services will benefit your commercial cleaning service by streamlining your marketing approach, creating a centralized data system that keeps client pertinent client and scheduling information in one place and can also assist with inventory and bookkeeping tasks.

Three Ways PaperFree Services Benefits the Cleaning Industry
Here are three ways commercial cleaning services benefit from our products and services.

1. Keep those new customers coming. There is no status quo when you're a business owner. The idea is to be bursting at the seams so the sudden loss of a client or two doesn't compromise your business. Attracting new prospects is a 24/7 job in a  technological era when potential clients surf the internet to find a cleaning service at all times of the day or night. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you connect with prospects, and nurture those leads into sales, while you do what you do best, manage your business.

2. Maintain a centralized data system. It's hard enough to keep the lines of communication open and consistent when you are a one- or two-employee business; it's nearly impossible to do so once your business has grown beyond that. A centralized data base ensures the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. Employees can log-in from any location to get customer contact information, verify the schedules, update the materials needed for each job, review special instructions, etc. All of this improves your company's reputation for solid, reliable and professional service
3. Get inventory and bookkeeping under control. Inventory and bookkeeping are a top priority for any small business but they often get pushed lower and lower on the "to-do list" as business owners work to put out more immediate fires. You can design customized software programs that help manage inventory and bookkeeping tasks on a more regular basis, resulting in a stronger bottom line.

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