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Fig#1 Inbound marketing

Let's apply the Strategy Maps mythology (Business objective / Objective's Goals / Goal's Tasks).

The business objective is to build the best 400 people team in 30 days.

Fig#2 Strategy Map Management.

The first goal is to build the list of candidates for specific position

The business process may be:
- Find good examples (marketplaces -, etc).
- Write your position description (if your position remote you should consider to build few description unique for each target market).

The funnel's name may be - [Your company name] HR department. Step#1. Job publishing.
Note: You may use your favorite tools: Excel, CRM, etc.

The goal's tasks list:
1.1. Write a job description(s). Note: Keep in mind your position is a product and your job description is your product description as well.  Make sure you optimized it - right keywords and right call to action.
1.2. Build a list of local job marketplaces.
1.3. Publish job/product description on main local job marketplaces, take for example, ( USA).
1.4. Publish job/product description on your Career department, take for example,
1.5. Get requests from prospects from all marketplaces (The more prospects is better. Play with the job titles and first lines of description, the goal is to get maximum traffic).
1.6. Move all prospects in your next funnel - interview funnel.

So far, we have our funnel HR department. Step#1. From publishing job description to an interview.

Fig#3 Funnel. From publishing job description to an interview.

The second goal is to process attracted prospects.

The funnel's name may be - [Your company name] HR. Step#2. From interview to training. Invite to an office or remote interview.

The goal's tasks list:
2.1. Create an interview calendar and publish on your Career page, take for example, Job Interviews.
2.2. Create invitation email template, take for example, Invitation to job interview 

Fig#4 Email Template Management.

2.3. Send an email template to all prospects.

Fig#5 Email Management

2.4. Conduct an interview ( the goal is to sell your job offer and company products as well)

  1. Teach prospects about your company, 10 minutes.
  2. Teach prospects about your products, 10 minutes.
  3. Teach prospects your sales strategy and tools, 10 minutes.
  4. Teach prospects about compensation and commissions, 10 minutes.
  5. Teach prospects how they can growth (compensation, titles), 4 minutes.
So far, we have our funnel HR department. Step#2. From interview to training.


Third goal is to conduct a training.

The goal's tasks list:
3.1. Write down and publish curriculum for each position.
3.2. Create invitation email template.
3.3. Send email template to all prospects.
3.4. Conduct training.

So far, we have our funnel  PaperFree.com_HR. Step#3. From Training to Certificate.

Fig#6 Funnel. From Training to Certificate.

The End
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