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Get more done with the #1 workplace collaboration tool.

Organize information cross-organization into places and playbooks.
Focus on priorities with the focus manager.
Lead growth with goals manager.
Automate routine by actions flows.
And yes, it works perfectly with G Suite.


Business Management System paperfree completely rethinks everything about how work gets done and what drives business.

It represents all the things stands for. Like leadership, 10xing your efficiency, and empowering internal and external customers.

It is built on the simplicity that attracts billions of people to Facebook, Gmail, and YouTube, but with process algorithms that keep action steps systematically driven.

The first solution encourages you to have a purpose in every action and focus on big decisions.

Whether you scale up or continue to push uphill the old-fashioned way, PaperFree Places can do things no other software solution can.

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Paperfree Places


Microsoft 365

Business Management System paperfree
Focus management
Automatic Focus Control,  AFC allows users to focus on what is most important at any given time. No
Routine automation
Paperfree Processes Microsoft Flows
Collaboration manager
Internal and external workplace collaboration Only internal workplace collaboration
Organization knowledge manager
Yes, included SharePoint, 12$ monthly.
Email, Word, Spreadsheets, Calendar, Instant messaging
Google G Suite, $6/12$/25$ monthly

Yes, it is included.

Project management
Yes Microsoft Project, an extra cost of.  12$ / monthly.
Goals management
Yes No
Forms management
Yes No
Contacts management
Yes Yes
Collective knowledge
Collective Knowledge allows users to contribute and access best practices. No
Yes Yes, an extra cost
3$ USD/user/month + extras 6$-25$ USD/user/month+ extras

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I should say that this product is AMAZING. "I have worked in Business Consulting for ten years, designing and implementing Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards, and I should say that this system is AMAZING. It provides a clear picture of the vision and how each task done by a team/ team member contributes to the organization's overall growth. I strongly recommend it as this system will help your visions become a reality."
-Sandeep Sista