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Managing a car dealership, helpful tips

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Managing a car dealership in the fast paced world of auto sales can be a tricky proposition. From new car inventory to hot leads, having information at your fingertips is absolutely essential to outperforming the competition. Of course, it's not enough to have the information, you need to be able to utilize the information and the following dealership management tips will go a long way towards giving you the competitive advantage.
At PaperFree, our Car Dealer Edition gives you that ability and makes it easier than ever before to showcase your inventory to your customers. With one-click marketplace placement, you can upload information on every vehicle you have in stock so that drivers throughout the area can browse at will.
The Car Dealer Edition is mobile ready and designed to drive traffic from Craigslist and other sources right through your front door. It is also connected to social media marketing which means you can easily update your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts with the touch of a button.
Coupled with Facebook Credit Application integration, laser forms, and secure SSL paperwork processing and it makes the purchase of a new vehicle very simple to complete. This will not only attract customers to your dealership, it makes the process of selling them a new vehicle easier than ever before. 
Once the sale is complete, the system can be autoupdated so that the information is transferred into your accounting, inventory, and customer management records in real time. All you have to do is review the data to determine which new cars you need to restock your lot with. This lowers your overhead, makes tracking expenses easier to do, and makes it a breeze to determine who one your sales team is a shining star, and who could use a little encouragement. Naturally, it all translates into increased sales, increased profits, and increased customer satisfaction. When it comes to dealership management tips, these are the foundations of solid business practices.
We invite you to contact PaperFree for more information about our services and the methods we can use to help your dealership grow.

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