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Organization Productivity and Bureaucracy Score

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Organisational productivity is evaluation and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public and private sector organisations.

PaperFree productivity and bureaucracy indexes

BI - bureaucracy index
PI - productivity index

The Indexes Gaps

For BI - bureaucracy index the productivity score - PS
from 1 to 10.  Where 1 is lowest productivity level and 10 highest productivity level.
PI - productivity index bureaucracy score (BS)
from 1 to 10. Where 1 is lowest bureaucracy level and 10 highest bureaucracy level.

Indexes break down

1.1. Website desktop version how it is your customers  friendly?

We open organization website right from desktop.
Then we scale, for each line: 
1.1.1. can you see the organization name
1.1.2. can you see the organization products or services

2.1. Website mobile version how it is your customers  friendly?

We open organization website right from smartphone we have handy.
Then we scale, for each line:
2.1.1. can you see the organization name
2.1.2. can you see the organization products or services

3. How it is easy to place new order?

3.1. Order form
3.1.1. Can I find it?
3.1.2. Too many lines in a form?
3.2. Phone
3.2.1. Can I find it?
3.2.2. Do they call back missed calls?
3.3. Email
3.3.1. Can I find it?
3.3.2. Do they replay?
3.4. Chat
3.2.1. Can I find it?
3.2.2. Do they replay?

4.  Faq 
4.1.1. Can I find it?
4.2.2. Do they answer my question?

5. The door sign
6. Order Forms on Concierge level

The Case

Organization: Interiors by Annette
Web site:
PaperFree Bureaucracy and Productivity Score Calculation

       #        b  score        p score

   1.1.1      10                     1
   1.1.2      10                     1
   2.1.1      10                     5
   2.1.2      10                     1
   2.2.1      05                     1
   2.2.2      08                     1
   2.3.1      10                     1
   2.3.2      10                     1

TOTAL     120                    8
Industry average   
                  70                    25

b - bureaucracy level is 50% over industry average
p - productivity  level is 80% lower   industry average



1. Organisational productivity  by David Alman

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