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Often, the day-to-day responsibilities and tasks prevent rental car company owners from the opportunity to step back and review their business objectively. Are they on track? Is the business moving forward with a clear idea of both immediate and long-term goals? Is your rental fleet profitable and meeting your clients' needs? The answers to these questions may be the difference between whether or not your business is successful.

Cloud-based & CRM Softwares Pick Up Where Human Powers Leave Off

It may seem like the answers or solutions to your small business problems require man power you just don't have. That's where business tools like cloud-based and CRM softwares can save the day.

Here are suggestions for keeping your business on the cutting edge so you remain ahead of your competitors. 
  1. Keep Numbers at the Forefront. Don't let the actual running of your business get ahead of the numbers that anchor your daily operations. Neil Abrams, president of Abrams Consulting Group Inc., says, "Those companies...obsessed with numbers have the best shot at success." The Numbers (capital "N") must take a forefront in every decision you make. Have your finger on the pulse of your revenue per user, average length of rental, utilization and earnings. Know your P&Ls like the back of your hand compare this month's with last month's, as well as the P&Ls from a couple years ago, so you're aware of trends, can predict trends and make business decisions accordingly. 
  2. Be Familiar with Your Fleet and Clientele. Match your fleet to your market. If you're grabbing bargain used car deals, that's great. However, if your buyer personas aren't fans of your fleet, they'll migrate to a competitor. Keep your fleet costs in check but do cater to the clients and the price point that will keep you in business. 
  3. Never Neglect Sales & Marketin. Here is where small businesses can easily falter. If you and your teem can't keep up with sales and marketing, use CRM software that's designed to much of it for you. It can help to keep your brand fresh, unique and on top of customer queries.
Need assistance with any of the above? Contact PaperFree! We offer cloud-based and CRM software solutions that will make your business more profitable.

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