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6 Tips for Creating Problem Solving Processes

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It's difficult to pinpoint The Ultimate Skill for Business Owners but, if push came to shove, we might choose "Problem Solving." Fire Science 101 might even be worth adding to most MBA programs since putting out fires seems to be the number one job of any business owner. 

Here are 6 tips for creating problem-solving processes that will help you run and manage your business effectively.

1. Being proactive.

When overwhelmed, we often behave in a reactive state of mind. If there's a problem, we put out the fire and then move on to the next. However, this doesn't prevent future fires from starting. Once a problem has been identified, put proactive processes in place to prevent future occurrences.


2. Implementing policies and procedures.

When your business is run from a proactive state of mind, you can implement policies and procedures that streamline day-to-day activities and give employees a shared foundation to work from.


3. Establishing your core business values.

Sometimes, a business ends up taking on a life of its own, disconnected from its original vision, values, and/or intentions. Businesses will bog down quickly if they don't have a core set of values to direct their decisions, solutions, and customer service interactions.


4. Connecting with customers.

While you're running around solving everyday problems, you may be losing touch with the most vital element of all - your customers. Keep in touch with your customers' needs, concerns, pain points, and suggestions so your products/services remain customer-focused.


5. Keeping inspired.

Sometimes, a successful business is your worst enemy because it can generate complacency. It's nice to have time to relax a bit, but this is the time to re-evaluate all of the above so you are prepared if and when things take a sudden or unexpected turn.


6. Learning to be financially stable.

Financial instability is the greatest threat to any business. If you aren't financially savvy, we recommend meeting with a financial advisor and hiring an experienced accountant to keep your business on stable financial ground.


To learn more, contact the team at PaperFree. Creating problem-solving processes is what we do best. 

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