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Health Insurance

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Health insurance = (accident and sickness OR accident and health) provides payments for the loss arising from illness or injury. 

Perils are:
  • an accident is injury caused by unexpected, unintentional,
  • sickness is loss due to an illness or a disease.
Disability income insurance replace loss of personal income due to a disability, benefits paid to a degree, the insured's loss of income.
Note: enable the insured to make mortgage payments etc.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment are riders on life insurance, health insurance. May be separate policy. In case of death pays principal sum = capital sum is paid if severance of two arms, two legs, loss of vision in two eyes.
Medical Expense Insurance covers in-hospital treatments, certain doctor's visits, lab tests, diagnostic services. 
Note: Premiums paid by the business are tax deductible,  but includable as income to the individual.
Long-Term Care Insurance ( LTC) covers chronic diseases or disabilities, nursing home care, home-based care, respite care.

Limited Insurance Contracts
  • Hospital Income Insurance pays daily, weekly, or monthly while insured is confined to a hospital. Note: not related to wages lost.
  • Travel Accident Insurance covers death and injury on common carrier.
  • Accident Only Insurance covers only accident. ( death, disability, dismemberment, hospital and medical expenses).
  • Blanket Insurance is group insurance, individual's name is not known. Ex: students, campers, passengers, volunteer groups, sport teams.
  • Credit Insurance covers limited amount = debtor's indebtedness.
  • Specified/Dread Disease Insurance covers only certain diseases, usually cancer or heart disease.
Group Optional Benefits
  • Prescription medication coverage, insured paid only stated amount ($2,$3 or $5)
  • Vision Care covers eye examination, cost of lenses, frames, contact lenses

  • Skilled nursing facilities are for patients who do not require acute nursing care, only inpatient supervision.
  • Assisted living facilities provide limited medical care.
  • Home health care for who is terminally ill and require short or long intervention by health professionals.

Reimbursement plans pay benefits directly to the insured.

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