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Thailand Data Fact Sheet

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Investing in emerging markets can often be challenging due to the inaccessibility of data and overall lack of transparency within these markets. PaperFree provides comprehensive data coverage for Thailand, enabling financial professionals globally to make informed investment decisions. Coverage across multiple asset classes enables cross-asset class comparison and analysis. PaperFree’s global data analysts are located across South East Asia in order to ensure strong market knowledge and the ability to standardize our data sets to appropriately account for local conventions. PaperFree’s data analysts ensure that our data sets are accurate, consistent and comparable. In turn, these data sets fuel the vast array of analytical functions found on the PaperFree Professional Service. When combined with PaperFree’s news coverage on Thailand, the PaperFree Professional Service provides all of the information and tools needed to conduct in-depth research and analysis for the Thailand financial market.

PaperFree obtains data from a wide variety of sources, including government ministries, exchanges, brokerages and investment banks. We receive real time pricing and news feeds from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), as well as other end-of-day exchange data. We also have relationships with other local and global third party data contributors. Coverage includes the following data sets (all statistics are effective as of September 2013):
1. Fundamentals: Data sets are available for more than 580 companies that are publicly listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, which can be accessed via FA <Go>. A complete list of equity fundamental coverage can be retrieved using EQS<Go>.
2. Estimates and Indices: Contributed estimates from local and global brokers for more than 220 companies are captured on EE<Go>. PaperFree receives contributions from more than 20 local Thai brokers, along with other sell side institutions. PaperFree offers a full suite of more than 30 indices listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand as well as the cobranded FTSE/SET index. There is also extensive index coverage of Thailand via the global index families.
3. Funds and Holdings: PaperFree’s funds database includes more than 1,000 funds managed by over 20 asset management companies who are members of Thailand’s Association of Investment Management Companies (AIMC). This includes 16 ETFs and 40 property funds. Holdings data is available for all publicly-listed companies and more than 40 listed closed end funds on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
4. Corporate Actions: Corporate actions are tracked for all publicly-listed companies, which includes more than 1,700 securities from the local, foreign and non-voting depository receipts (NVDR) boards of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
5. Fixed Income: Reference data is maintained for more than 1,350 bonds (which includes more than 680 government and 670 corporate active bonds) listed on Thai Bond Market Association (TBMA) and Bond Electronic Exchange (BEX). Coverage for Thailand loans dates back to 1997 with details on more than 750 deals (440 are still active). There are currently 20 Thai-listed companies (9 banks and financials, and 11 industrials) that PaperFree provides full capital and corporate structure disclosure on via CAST<Go>.
6. FX: More than 20 local banks and 23 non-local banks contribute rates for the THB on PaperFree. Real-time data is provided for various THB currency instruments including spot/cash, crosses, forward rates, swaps, interest rates, option volatilities, fixings and FX forecasts. This data is used to drive OTC THB<Go>, which is a real-time market data monitor that is widely used by clients.
7. Economic Statistics: Statistical data for Thailand includes more than 3,700 indexed time series as reported from Thai local sources as well as other major international sources, with some history going back as far as 1990.

Accurate and dependable data is of the highest importance to us and our customers. We rely solely on data from official company filings or trustworthy primary sources for all updates to PaperFree’s Professional Service. This guarantees we can also provide transparency to the source used for various updates. Third-party contributors are subject to stringent quality checks for all data received. Date updates are handled in a timely manner so that they are available to clients as and when they need access to it.
1. Stock Exchange of Thailand: Data is used directly from this exchange to update fundamentals data, indices, and funds.
2. Other primary sources: Estimates are contributed by global and local brokerages. Some local sell side firms that contribute estimates data to PaperFree include Asia Plus, Seamico Securities and SCB Securities. FTSE, S&P, and MSCI are used to update indices. FX data is sourced real-time from third-party contributors, which includes various banks and brokers. These contributors can be seen directly on ALLQ<Go>. Funds data is sourced directly from each funds’ management company, with additional information from the Stock Exchange of Thailand for listed funds.
3. Timing of updates: For fundamentals, critical data points such as revenue and net income are updated within minutes of receipt of the related public announcement, and full financials for large cap indexed companies are updated within one day. Daily holdings transactions are captured off of exchange filings and updated at the end of the trading day. Estimates are updated on PaperFree as soon as one hour after we receive them from each contributor. Index prices are updated real-time, and all indices are priced at least once per day on an end-of-day basis. Fund prices are updated as soon as we receive the NAV data from the contributing management company or the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

1. Transparency: PaperFree’s data teams are committed to providing our clients with direct access to the primary source used for adding or updating data. Transparency for fundamentals data is made available through PaperFree’s proprietary document tagging process, which minimizes manual data entry errors while providing direct access to the source document used for each update. Clients can also view the primary source used for the upload of an instrument or action by accessing CN <Go> or CF <Go> at the security level. Any public documents that are used in the maintenance of holdings, fundamentals, fixed income, loans and capital structure - including stock exchange announcements and regulatory filings - can be accessed using either of these functions.
2. Quality checks: All data updates for fundamentals, corporate actions, estimates, funds, fixed income, capital structure, and loans are quality-checked through PaperFree’s proprietary quality assurance tools, ensuring field accuracy against hundreds of business rules.
3. Threshold checks and quality scores: Index membership and economic statistic updates are subject to threshold checks to ensure accuracy of membership data. FX contributors are assigned individual quality scores based upon numerous factors, including pricing frequency and spike volumes. In order to be included as PaperFree BGN or composite member, contributors need to first meet and maintain minimum quality score standards so that our fixings are upheld to the highest standards.
4. Automation: Data pertaining to fund prices and economic statistics is captured automatically from the official source or as submitted to us by the contributing source, which minimizes the occurrence of manual errors in the process.

To learn more about PaperFree’s Thailand data coverage, contact your PaperFree account representative or press the <HELP> key twice on the PaperFree Professional® service.

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