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Sales Strategy B2B with the humans interaction only after closing

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|--- Financial prospective {Your company name} 
|---- Objective Build a B2B funnel with 50% conversion rate.
|----- Goal is to find our prospect's based on professional skills and location.
|------ Task/procedure > Find > Prospect in an Office

  1. Login in LinkedIn Premium Account
  2. In top search box type your target industry name (ex. Car Rental), {main_business_activity}
  3. From drop down choose "People with Car Rental skills"
  4. In left site menu set up filters
    1. Location {location}  
    2. Current Company. Check mark "All" then un check mark Companies: {black-list-company}
    3. Function check mark decision makers {decision makers}
  5. Study profile by profile, copy in CRM 360° PaperFree or your own CRM information:
    1. Company lists, at least one list = {main_business_activity}.
    2. Company name
    3. Company website
    4. Company city
    5. then click "Add an employee"
    6. First Last Name
    7. linkedin Url
    8. linkedin personal Photo
    9. then click "SAVE AND CLOSE"
  6. Extra information (optional)
    1. organization development stage ( start - up, developed)
    2. organization business model (scalable business model or simple mama and papa)
               The result is a company profile with attached decision maker profile.
               Resources and tools - Linkedin Premium account, PaperFree Task Management or your own project management tool, CRM 360° PaperFree or your own CRM,  crowdsourcing platform (over API or direct management)

Manager - Sales Manager 
Performer(s) - Outsourcing team

Copy to My Strategy Map Management


|--- Financial prospective {Your company name} 
|---- Objective Build a B2B funnel with 50% conversion rate.
|----- Goal Deliver highly tailored values
|------ Task/procedure Find prospect in an personal environment , show values

  1. Deign teaser - graphic element / ad to attract prospect.
  2. Create targeted ad companies for prospect, two or three (> Engage >).
  3. Forward all clicks to Landing Page ( powered by The Market or Unbounce) (> Values >)
  4. Design and write a copy for an Action button.
  5. Design communication Form (powered by Forms or Mailchimp etc.)
  6. Attach communication Form to the new Funnel or already existed (powered by Funnels or SalesForce Funnels)
  7. Write new the Emails copy or copy from previous successful funnels (powered by Email or Mailchimp)
  8. Set up new sales communication steps or copy from previous successful funnels (powered by Steps or SAP business flow)
  9. By clicking the Action button prospect activates domino effect, as a set of automated communications. Send product descriptions, brochures, tailored marketing matirials.
  10. Set up real account ( > Bite >)
  11. Let you customer know - login / password.
  12. > Close
    Resources and tools - Facebook, PaperFree Task Management or your own project management tool, CRM 360° PaperFree or your own CRM  

Manager - Sales Manager 
Performer(s) - Sales Manager


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