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Customers are evolving which is making the role of car sales manager increasingly challenging. Whether new or used, consumers have more options and information available to them than ever before. This is requiring car dealerships to be more streamlined and efficient as to remain competitive.

Fortunately, as technology has advanced to suit the consumer's needs, it has also advanced in ways that make it easy for businesses to respond faster and more efficiently. Indeed, with the right software and applications, it's possible for car dealerships to proactively plan for their customer's requests and purchasing needs well before they are approached.

At PaperFree.comour car dealership software and applications are designed to give your sales managers, and your dealership the competitive advantage you desire. Our products feature the following aspects that will help you generate an ROI that will simply leave your competitors in the dust:

  • Mobile friendly which gives your sales team full access whether they're on the lot or on a test drive.
  • Easily integrated into existing systems.
  • Filtering features that make tracking inventory, sales, and staffing quick and simple to review.
  • Customized design which makes adding and updating desired features a breeze.
  • Social media marketing interface that makes advertising on Craigslist, Facebook, and other platforms a push button proposition.

Combined, these aspects free up your time so that instead of focusing on advertising or record keeping you can focus on your clients and honing the skills of your sales time. As a car sales manager utilizing PaperFree's Dealer management system, it's tantamount to putting a supercharger on your sales team. With just a little maintenance along the way, your team will have no trouble speeding past your competition all the way to the bank.   

If you are a car sales manager searching for ways to streamline operations and increase revenue, we invite you to contact PaperFree to learn more about the products and services we have available. We'll be happy to walk you through them and show you precisely how you can use them to enhance the customer experience and boost your bottom line in the year ahead.

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