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If you own a multi-family house (2-4 family home), then different insurance policies are used depending upon whether you actually live in the house or you do not. It’s important to get it right.
If you live in a multi-family home, you can usually have the tried and true homeowners policy, know as an HO-3. This is no different from a single family home, and is usually the most economical approach. Use it if you can. You can often use this approach if you're a full time resident.
However, if you’re an owner of a multi-family home and rent out units and live elsewhere, then a different policy us used, called a Dwelling & Fire Policy. The most common (and best) version is called a DP-3.
The DP-3 will cover losses to the home’s structure on an “open perils” policy, loss of use or rental coverage, and can include personal liability. It’s very good coverage. But it costs more than an owner-occupied house, because the owner isn’t there to keep an eye on things!
Never try to squeeze an HO-3 on a property if you live elsewhere; that gives the insurance company basis for denying a claim (This is considered a material misrepresentation of facts). Thus, most rental properties that are not owner-occupied must be insured under a DP-3.
Use an agency that represents multiple insurance companies as One Stop Insurance Agency does. Different companies have different appetites and "sweet spots', just as different building owners have different kinds of buildings. Getting the right fit so you can sleep at night knowing you've got the right protection at an always competitive price for all your investment properties.
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