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Protect Your Employees with Workers' Compensation Insurance
Our Insurance Companies can write workers' compensation and the accompanying employers liability coverage in 46 states. For those monopolistic states that do not allow private insurers to compete with the state workers' compensation fund, we may be able to offer separate employers liability or stop gap coverage.

Report Accidents
You invest your time, talents and capital to help your business succeed. We know that you depend on your employees to be motivated and healthy – ready to help build your business.When an on-the-job injury disrupts your operations and affects productivity, you can take control.

Please immediately notify us of workers’ compensation accidents, so that we can:
  • Provide necessary information to your injured employee
  • Assist your injured employee in obtaining quality medical care
  • Coordinate recovery efforts with you, your injured employee and medical providers
  • Help you establish a stay-at-work and return-to-work program
Studies show that prompt claim reporting is central to successful workers’ compensation claim resolution. And, because many states have strict reporting requirements, prompt incident reporting also helps to fulfill your state-specific obligations, thereby minimizing your risk of notice-related fines or disciplinary action.


Our Process by Steps

1. Fill out contact form and have a no-obligation discussion about your objectives and goals.
3. Make a Free Appointment with a Licensed agent. 
3. Ongoing support: phone / your location / email / etc. whatever is convenient for you.

Why One Stop Insurance

We partner with many major carrier in the insurance market.
It allows us to have the freedom and offer you the lowest possible quote available.
We are truly independent.
Our principle of conducting business is to remain independent and recommend the best product to our clients.
We find the BEST policy for you, regardless of the name of the company.
We research major disability carrier available based on an individual's location, occupation and goals.




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