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 Данное приложение совместимо со всеми вашими устройствами.


Today businesses spend up to 70% of our time manually performing repetitive tasks in core business operations. In the next 10 years, $30 trillion dollars of labor cost will be freed with the help of crowdsourced humans, artificial intelligence, and robots. Larger businesses have the luxury and capital to use enterprise level software that helps them thrive in today's economy. Midsize to smaller businesses that want to scale cannot afford enterprise level software. Paperfree will help the smaller guys have the same functions as vastly better-resourced companies.


We're Turning Business Scale Approaches on Its Heads.
Paperfree: The world's first business operating system that connects applications with humans and Artificial intelligence to eliminate repetitive tasks in core business processes. This system is much more affordable for the smaller guys and will provide the same functions as a vastly better-resourced company.

The core components

1) We come as a whole
Unlike other “old” companies that still offer systems piece by piece, we deliver one integrated business management system. 
2) People over machines
Our system has real-life people behind it that are ready on demand to accomplish your tasks 24/7.

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