What We Do:
(1) We acquire underperforming and undervalued businesses backed by real estate assets throughout the United States.
(2) We reinvigorate business performance through:
<> operating efficiencies and management optimization,
<> real estate asset repositioning, strategic improvements in order to change its place in the marketplace.
(3) We hold the business for maximum returns, share with our investors and partners.

Why We Do It:

People including veterans need our help. The National Low Income Housing Coalition found that a renter working 40 hours a week and earning minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom apartment (i.e., not be cost-burdened) in exactly zero counties nationwide. In other words, it isn’t possible.


Founder & CEO
Yury Pronin

Yury Pronin is the Founder and CEO of Paperfree, a project that started in 2016 as a tech startup with the product an integrated business management system that covers CRM, ERP, BPM, and Strategy Maps functionality.
By 2016 he invested in equity and debt of a few highly successful real estate-oriented companies. Within those investments, he discovered the huge operational inefficiency of the commercial real estate market, high performance, and direct social impact of those investments. That discovery helped Yury make the decision to spin-off from a pure technology company to a real estate technology-driven investment company that is on its way to build a 1-billion dollar portfolio under management by 2025.
Today’s company's primary focus: affordable and mixed-income housing, skilled memory care facilities, healthcare offices.

Born in a small town close to the city of Gorky in the former Soviet Union, he was raised in the context of communistic values: unity, shared vision, big goals. He was 12 when the system crashed, filed bankruptcy, and his family of seven was forced to evolve into entrepreneurial, and hustle to survive.
He graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Mathematical Models in Economics from the NNGU University. He finished the Management Presidential Programme and ventured into a Ph.D.
Despite the promising future within the oil industry in Russia’s new oligarchy, he moved to the US to be refurbished by capitalism and democracy, adopting new values: competition, boldness, freedom. At that point, he had to start over. He worked as a busboy, fisher/lobsterman, moving up to a credit cards model designer, franchise builder, enterprise management software, and startups mentor.
In his free time, he enjoys traveling around the world, skiing, and having fun.

Kim Saltus
Kim Saltus, founder @ The k report, llc. joined me. Kim spent 20 plus years in the corporate world beginning at IBM where her focused, service-led approach earned her many accolades. Through her grounded leadership approach, she has helped us create a better outcome. Sharing a vision to empower people to live life with clarity and predictability and to make real estate investing more profitable. Paperfree(™) was organized to do the work that matters. We built a social contract with people around technology that brings efficiency to the largest industry in the US, creating value for every stakeholder life we touch.

How We Do It:

We built a platform for Real Estate Funds, and manage collaboration between people making it easy for investors to find the best product that meets their investment strategy.