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We are a membership full service digital agency with a passion for efficiency, productivity and transparency.

We are dedicated to bringing our members 
  • the best prices on quality,
  • the best fit technology solutions from WordPress to Enterprise Platforms, 
  • the transparency in a delivering of solutions.


About us

Mission Statement: apply best fit solutions to boost performance.
We are group of result oriented laboratories (Labs) delivering Web and Mobile highly performing solutions to grow business ROI. From WordPress blogs to Enterprise platforms. 
We carry a passion for efficiency, productivity and transparency.

The Labs and Products

Note: our Customer Success Managers get extra 15% on member prices
Design Lab.

Products: IA, UX, UI, Brandbook, Logo.
Price: from 25$/hour, no member price - 90$/hour

Coding Lab. 
Products: Development Web, Mobile.
Technology: ASP.NET, Php, Java, Python, or Ruby
Price: from 25$/hour, no member price - 90$/hour

Marketing Lab.
Products: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click.
Price: from 25$/hour, no member price - 90$/hour

Strategy Lab.
Products: Strategy maps development.
Price: from 60$/hour, no member price - 150$/hour

Cloud Lab. 
Technology: Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine.
Products: Admin support.
Price: from 25$/hour, no member price - 90$/hour 

Big Data Lab. 
Technology: Microsoft Products, Oracle Products, Google Products
Products: Data Migration, data study.
Price: from 45$/hour, no member price - 120$/hour

Industries we Focus

Automotive. Cars dealers. Cars exporters. Body shops.
Insurance. Brokers.
Retail. E-commerce. Offline chains.
Health.Clinics and Hospitals.
Finance. Private equity.
Legal. Law firms. Claim management firms.

Our Process

The exact processes and the order may vary slightly, depending on what we need to achieve with your unique project. We have come up with the most common and universal process and we called it “Waterfall by Scrum”.

Phase #1 Create
  • Collect wishes/stories from stakeholders and outsiders, organize as Product Backlog.
  • Align Product Backlog with the Mission, Vision of the Company.
Phase #2 Production
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Inspect
Phase #3 Improvement
  • Product Improvement.

Our Projects

PaperFree Portal - Integrated all in one enterprise management portal.

Checknet - Check point system.

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Technology we focus and our Partners



Cloud, IaaS

Big Data


 is the most flexible business management system, set of software: Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management System and more serving the entire U.S., including the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Miami, Tampa, Phoenix, Cleveland and San Francisco as well as Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County, NY and Rockland County, NY.

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