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Strategies. How to get startup funded?

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Updated on Friday, May 05, 2017

Get funded by investment firm

  1. Build a list of target Investment firms.
    1. Source #1 in Advanced Search add your primary type of business. Ex: enterprise, SaaS, Iot, etc.
    2. Open firms profile one by one with a goal to skip the ones not perfectly fit your criteria. Ex: location, government powered or private, etc. (just close these tabs).
    3. For each approved firm copy URL and move to process. From that point, we recommend using CRM/Excel/other relationship management tools.
  2. Build a list of gatekeepers
    1. Build Trust with Gatekeepers (different flow)
    2. Now time to ask already a friend to get feedback on your big idea, show your deck.
    3. Get feedback: let's talk more/not perfectly fit in our strategy/no replay  and then follow firm's flow.

    Get funded by person (angel, etc.)

    1. Build a list of already funded peers, companies. They are your donors.
      1. Source #1 In a search box put your core product type, ex.: search by - enterprise-software will have result 
      2. Open firms profile one by one with a goal to skip the ones not perfectly fit your criteria.
    2. Move peers' investors to your contacts base.
    3. Create company profile in your CRM.
    4. Add as employees all investors, note: add only people, not firms.
    5. engage target investor.


    [1] gatekeeper is a person that controls access to something.

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