Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance module allows you to manage workflows, task types, cost of repairs and all suppliers.

To manage fleet maintenance, follow the steps given below.

1.  Navigate to the Fleet Maintenance option in the Side Bar.

The Fleet Maintenance page will be displayed.

2.  From here you can edit the work order record. To do so, click the id of the work order record that you wish to edit.

The selected record will be displayed on the edited mode.

3.  From here you can make the necessary changes you wish to change in the work order record and click the Save button.

The changes made to the work order record will be saved. 

4.  You can also add task types to the fleet maintenance record. To do so, select the Task Types option from the Settings drop down list.

The Task Types page will be displayed.

5.  Click the Create button.

The Create Task Types page will be displayed.

6.  In the General section, enter the name of the task in the Name text entry box.

7.  Enter the description of the task in the Description text entry box.

8.  Specify whether the task is shown as default or not by checking or un-checking the Default field.

9.  Set the price type value for foreign from the Price Type –Foreign field.

10.  Set the price type value for domestic from the Price Type –domestic field.

11.  Navigate to the Linked Items tab.

The Linked Items section of the page will be displayed.

12.  Click the Add New link.

The Link Item section of the page will be displayed.

13.  Select the type of the object from the Object Type drop down list. The available options are Sales, Vehicle, Client, Call, Task, Invoice, Payment, Material and File.

14.  Select the name of the object type by clicking the Browse () button.

The page will be displayed based on the selected criteria.

15.  Select the object that you wish to select and click the Select button.

The selected object will be added to the field.

16.  Click the Save button.

The selected item will be added to the linked items section.

17.  Click the Save button.

The new task type record will be created.


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