Accepting Money

To get money, follow the steps given bellow.

1.  Navigate to the Financial Accounting option in the Side Bar.

The Financial Accounting page will be displayed.

2.  To get money, click the Get Money button.

The Receive Money page will be displayed.

3.  Enter the amount that you wish to give in the Amount text entry box.

4.  Select the order number from the Order # drop down list.

5.  Select the invoice number from the Invoice # drop down list.

6.  Select the income analytic journal from the Income Analytic Journal drop down list.

7.  Select the cash journal from the Cash Journal drop down list.

8.  Enter the receipt number from the Receipt # text entry box.

9.  Select the transaction date from the Transaction Day calendar.

10.  Select the type of legal entity from the Hired by a Legal Entity drop down list.

11.  Select the name of the store from the Store drop down list.

12.  To select the buyer or seller name click on the Browse () button in the Buyer/Seller field.

The Buyer/Seller screen will be displayed.

13.  Check on the row of the buyer or seller name that you wish to select and click the Select button.

The selected buyer or seller name will be added to the field.

14.  Select the name of the vehicle from the Vehicle drop down list.

15.  Select the cashier or employee name from the cashier/Employee drop down list.

Scroll down to the next option.

16.  Enter the comments if any, in the Comments text entry box.

17.  Select the type of the money from the Money Type drop down list.

18.  Select the status from the Status drop down list.

19.  Click the Save button.

The message box asking you to send email notification of payment to the partner will be displayed.

20.  Click the Yes button.

The message will be send.

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