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Flows on Paperfree are the easy way to automate
routine steps in your core business processes

Choose the Flows library that fits your business role.

Outbound marketing -
b2b lead generation

by Paperfree Team

You as a B2B Marketing manager will save up to 70% your time on engaging target prospects on platforms Linkedin, Twitter, and AngelList.


Outbound marketing -
CEO and fundraising

by Paperfree Team

You as a CEO will save up to 80% your time engaging investors and managing investment stages.


HR management -
onboarding new people

by Paperfree Team

You as an HR manager will save up to 30% your time of interviewing and onboarding new team membres.

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How Paperfree Works 
There were only two options to build a software foundation to support small-to-midsize businesses to scale.
#1 The enterprise management software from "big vendors", too bulky and pricey.
#2  Cloud of "single applications”,  disconnected and not stable.

Today we have a new option - Paperfree business operating system.
Paperfree bOS provides a platform where each business can assemble and re-assemble their own enterprise software platform by using single block-by-block applications created from our marketplace. 
Just Plug-n-play your legacy applications into flows to build your own enterprise software platform.

We Succeed when You Succeed!

per automated step

compare $0.15/step in legacy enterprise software systems

activate today and get $500 credit


Save for Looie $5,000 / month on sales tasks.
Status: in progress.

Automated 70% of businesses processes.
Status: accomplished.

Scaled business from 1 to 15 location in 20 months.
Status: accomplished.

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