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System to Organize,
Automate and Scale Business.

Use the most flexible business management software,
utilize built-in intelligent assistant and plug-in global skilled people to help scale your business.

Why Paperfree

Business Management Software

The set of old fashion tools: Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management System and more.

Assistant Robot

Enables users of Paperfree to outsource routine tasks in order to save time
for creative ones.

Assistant Humans

Connect to the Paperfree community of skilled and trusted people who are ready to help scale your business globally.

How Paperfree Works 
There were only two options to build a business management system to support a scale of small and midsize businesses.
#1 The enterprise management software from "big vendors", too bulky and pricey.
#2 Grow own cloud of "single applications”,  disconnected and not stable.

Today we have a new option - Paperfree provides new type of business management system, 
a platform where each business can assemble and re-assemble their own business management platform
by using business management software system, Plug-n-play skilled global humans and built-in Intelligent Assistants - Robots.

We Succeed when You Succeed!

per automated step

compare $0.15/step in legacy enterprise software systems

activate today and get $500 credit


Save for Looie $5,000 / month on sales tasks.
Status: in progress.

Automated 70% of businesses processes.
Status: accomplished.

Scaled business from 1 to 15 location in 20 months.
Status: accomplished.

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